Warning BE0060: The [itemType] '[item]' contains a comma or '.h' which may cause the Help 1 compiler to fail.


This warning is issued if the build process detects the text ".h" or a comma within the value of the indicated item while generating the file list for the Help 1 project file. In such cases, the help compiler may generate spurious HHC3002 and HHC3004 errors reporting that the content files are invalid.


The HTML Help 1 compiler has problems interpreting paths and filenames that end with something equal to or starting with ".help" or ".hlp" or that contain ".h" in general (i.e. C:\Project.Help\). Rename the offending folder or filename to remove the period or comma or change the "help" or "hlp" part and try the build again (i.e. C:\Project_Help\, C:\ProjectHelp\, or C:\Project.Docs\). There may also be issues with paths containing commas so you may need to remove them as well if any are present in the path.

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